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How can I get Free TON tokens without buying them on exchanges?

Or a little bit about contests


Posted by Team Tips on 01 May 2021

A special feature of the Free TON ecosystem is that each of its members has the opportunity to receive tokens without being a validator and without using cryptocurrency exchanges. The Free TON community encourages “useful " activities for everyone with generous rewards. So, you need to take part in the so-called contests, which are periodically held on a variety of topics. From creating catalog sites to developing a whole marketplace.

The essence of the contest is to solve the task in compliance with certain requirements, and then make the documentation and send it to the jury for evaluation, which can be both initial members and representatives of the community selected during other contests.

When Free TON moves to the second version of the Management, everyone will be able to participate in the evaluation of the work.

Where are the contests held?

First, the contest offer is published on the forum, where the community members discuss and finalize the terms. The proposal is then sent to the appropriate subgovernance for a vote, where the judges accept it or do not accept it.

When the offer is accepted, the contest appears in the governance interface and everyone can upload their work. After the deadline for submitting applications, the jury begins to evaluate the works.

Voting takes place in the blockchain, there are special sites for this. You can visit the pages of each governance on the gov

Also, the RSquad team has prepared a very convenient interface for the jury, where you can see all the contests from all governances: