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Tree TON - how to become a crypto-druid of LVL 80


Posted by Dissector on 13 Jun 2021

It doesn't take a genius to realize that environmental issues in 2021 are more urgent than ever. Today, many international companies, especially in the industrial and raw materials sector of the economy, understand the need and relevance of measures aimed at replenishing the resources of the natural environment.

The future of our generations largely depends on this. In recent years, despite the difficult economic situation, commercial companies are increasingly investing financial resources and supporting initiatives for environmental events and tree planting campaigns.

After all, tree planting is an essential part of the environmental contribution to the fight against air pollution and climate change. It is the trees that absorb the carbon dioxide released into the environment and give in return the oxygen that everyone needs. Growing trees is a long and time-consuming process, and only an individual approach to plant care will lead to a result that we will see only in 20-30 years.

In one of the articles, the topic of staking as an "eco-friendly" type of crypt mining has already been touched upon. Let me introduce you to the Tree TON Depool - is a special DePool, where half of the profit received by the validator is donated to the planting of trees. You get money, the planet gets new trees. Quite a unique investment in the future, isn't it? In addition, Tree TON is a special creative volunteer camp at the forest nursery, a stay in which will definitely brighten up your leisure time.

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