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What is TON crystal?


Posted by Team Tips on 11 May 2021

TON Crystal is a native token of the Free TON ecosystem, which is used for transactions between different addresses on a given blockchain. In total, there are more than 5 billion Ton Crystals tokens in circulation, all of them were created at the same time when the network was launched. There is an annual inflation rate of 5%, so about 70,000 TON are added to the turnover every day. There can be a maximum of 10 billion Ton Crystals tokens.

The total emission is currently 5,029,181,722 crystals. All of them are divided into three smart contracts called "givers":

👛 Referral Giver - contains 85% of all crystals, designed to reward participants who have contributed to the development of the community and the entire Free TON project as a whole. For example, it is used to pay rewards for contests.

👛 Developer Giver - Contains 15% crystals and is designed to reward professional developers.

👛 Validator Giver - contains the remaining 5% of the crystals and distributes them among the validators.

The Ton Crystal token, which now does not cost even $ 1, allows you to transfer any amount across the borders of states: by paying an extremely low commission, which is no more than one cent, and the principle of distributing the money supply is based on rewarding smart and talented people, and not burning electricity: like other cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, DASH, Monero, Zcash.

The Ton Crystal token has a tremendous transaction speed on the network, which reaches about a million transactions per second while having a minimal cost. Thus, despite its novelty, this token has incredible potential and outperforms other cryptocurrencies due to its speed and no need for endless ‘devouring’ ’electricity.