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Free TON Shop - buy something for crystals


Posted by Dissector on 11 Jun 2021

Free TON Shop is the first store, presented as a chatbot in the Telegram messenger, which began to create and sell products with the brand name of the Free TON community exclusively for TON Crystal. In order to start shopping, just go to the chat with the bot and start a conversation by selecting the desired category. The range is quite diverse: from clothing to branded PokerTON cards and special coffee. I want to describe the latter in more detail in another article. If you look at the products in detail, you can understand the main idea that the creators of the project tried to convey.

The laconic minimalism and simplicity of the Free TON blockchain are reflected in the unique prints and logos that adorn the store's products. At the same time, they do not look faded at all. The concept of freedom and decentralization is perfectly conveyed through abstract figures that look very mysterious.

It is also worth noting that after the contest for the best design in honor of the first anniversary of the Free TON blockchain, the creators of the Free TON Shop announced their desire to hold more contests to attract talented designers and fashion designers. Do you feel that you are close to the store's ideas? You can safely offer your designs in the chat and get the necessary feedback.

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