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Ton Crystal Wallets


Posted by Team Tips on 04 May 2021

At the moment, there are two main wallets for storing Free TON cryptocurrency - TON Surf and Crystal Wallet, and there are also various browser extensions, for example, extraTON. The TON Surf wallet has both a web version in the browser and a mobile application. The main functions are tracking your balance, the ability to view the history of transactions, send crystals to someone, and also start staking (read more about staking and validators).

An original application developed by the TON Labs team.

It can rightfully be considered the main tool for storing crystals in Free TON. Has a browser version and applications for mobile systems

At the same time, the developers do not want to call it a "wallet", because there are too many functions. The most innovative is chat rooms. All transactions are displayed in the form of chats while writing to other users is also possible here. Messages are not stored on the blockchain, so sending them does not cost money.

Supports staking - cryptocurrency deposits in the blockchain, allowing you to receive a percentage every few days.

Another important feature is the "DeBots" bots. It's like bots in telegram, but they are smart contracts running on the blockchain. You can read more about DeBots in our articles.

Crystal Wallet

This is a desktop wallet for Windows and Mac OS, based on the original TON network test wallet, Gram Wallet, which was created by the Telegram developers before closing the project.

The wallet is currently being developed by the Broxus team.

It has support for TIP-3 tokens, which means that it can store not only Ton Crystal but also other cryptocurrencies.

Staking is also supported.

The first wallet as a chrome extension. 

Supports Web3 Dapps, multiple wallets, and TIP-3 tokens.