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TON Seed - crowdfunding on blockchain


Posted by Team Tips on 10 Jun 2021

The TON Seed project has recently been launched. This is a platform where everyone can submit their project and request funds from the community for its implementation.


In order to add your project or invest, you need to create an account. Registration for TON Seed takes place via Telegram.

After registration, all the functionality of the site will be available.

Balance page.

Invest in projects

In order to invest in the TON Seed platform, you first need to replenish your balance.

Then you can select the project that is looking for funds

After clicking the "Support project" button, you will be able to enter the investment amount

There is 2 types of investments:

  • Without reward
  • With a 150%, 200%, 250% reward

The authors say that if the project manages to raise the required amount, then your invested funds will be returned after the launch of the project in an increased amount.

But want to warn you: there is a risk of not getting any funds back. Be careful when supporting projects on TON Seed. While the site is recently launched, not a single project has yet been fully implemented and made a payment of funds. Therefore, send only the amount that you are not afraid to lose.

We recommend considering TON Seed as a donation platform, not for making money.

Add your own project

The authors even prepared a YouTube video about adding their project.

In short, not every project fits the criteria. The project must be useful to the community. And only then you can start adding your project.

The authors of TON Seed also prepared a good article on how to tell about your project: