NFT marketplace contest review : TON Tips

NFT marketplace contest review


Posted by Team Tips on 15 Jun 2021

First place -

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The project scored 8 points from the jury. A bright, stylish website. There is a registration and a personal account. You can easily create your own NFT token and put it up for sale. A full-fledged auction has been implemented.

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The project scored 7 points from the jury (as well as the next 2, it is not yet clear how the prize places will be distributed between them)

The site was created by the RSquad team, which actively participates in contests and already has many projects.

Has an attractive, modern interface. Users are required to create an account and provide an Email. But technically, it looks a bit imperfect; to deploy the token, you need to specify the seed phrase from, which is very unsafe.

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A site with a very strange design. Many functions work with errors, but the project has a good Roadmap. Let's hope that they will finish everything and we will see a quality marketplace.

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Primitive marketplace, but everything works as it should. You can create tokens, there is an auction. The Extraton extension is used for authorization.