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Free TON - winner of the vote on


Posted by Dissector on 03 Jun 2021

Staking Rewards is an analog of the well-known Coinmarketcap service. But for PoS cryptos.

In addition to capitalization, a rating is compiled here on the profitability of PoS mining and the reliability of a particular cryptocurrency. The minimum cost of a steak to start PoS mining is also estimated. The functionality of the site allows you to review the rating of cryptocurrencies and conduct a thorough sorting, as well as track the popularization of PoS mining.

On June 3, an open vote ended at Staking Rewards, the purpose of which was to identify the listing of which asset users want to see on the site the most. Several thousand people took part in the vote, whose opinions differed greatly. Almost all the time, the leading position was held by Hive, but in the last hours of voting, Free TON managed to snatch a victory and gain a foothold in the first place with a margin of more than 11 thousand "hearts". Our congratulations to the glorious work of the community!