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Free TON Sport - briefly about how to pump up some muscles


Posted by Dissector on 12 Jun 2021

I accidentally came across such an entertaining chat in Telegram as Free TON Sport. I went in, read, and... The experience was very unusual. According to the published information, the main goal of Free TON Sport is to unite athletes from the Free TON community, as well as to develop a healthy lifestyle.

To do this, the management has chosen an extremely interesting model of encouragement: from time to time, small sports competitions are held, where you need to perform a certain set of exercises while observing the necessary technique. Push-ups, pull-ups, planks, and other physical exercises.

In the end, you need to send a video proof. After that, there is a check and the top of the best athletes are compiled, who are waiting for a generous reward of several dozen TON Crystal. It is not the most developed industry right now, but in theory, it is extremely promising. Conducting real competitions, creating merch, and much more. In general, I advise you to pay attention to this initiative. I should also mention their incredible logos with Greco-Roman references. It looks extremely stylish.

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