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Free TON team signed CS:GO players


Posted by Dissector on 30 Apr 2021

No matter what anyone says, but in 2021 it is quite possible to become a world-famous millionaire playing their "shooting games" on a battered computer. Esports has long ceased to be a local underground entertainment. Gone are the days when young guys played against each other in stuffy clubs on oil devices for a couple of thousand rubles.

Important guys with big money who are ready to promote and develop this sport have come to esports. Even the state has begun to recognize competitions in various cyber disciplines and to promote the spread of this sport in every possible way. Prize money at tournaments is estimated in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and views on broadcasts exceed millions.

In general, the topic is extremely interesting. Let's look at the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Its daily online range ranges from 600 to 800 thousand players, at the peak this figure exceeded one million. It is not surprising that Free TON showed interest in it and decided to enter the esports market by signing a roster of csers. The Free TON Team banners will be defended by Mikhail" Dosia "Stolyarov, Semyon "kinqie" Lisitsyn, Anton "speed4k" Titov, Stanislav "tAnK" Fedoseev and Vladislav "duelyant" Zakharov. Especially worth noting is "Dosia", which at one time bent everyone playing for"Gambit". We wish the guys good luck!