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FreeTON explorers


Posted by Team Tips on 22 Jun 2021

In order to track the transaction on the blockchain and the state of the network, there are special tools called blockchain explorers.

Such services exist on every blockchain network. For example, the most popular is on the Ethereum network.

Explorers allow you to get all the information about the state of the network in one place: a list of transactions, blocks, accounts, and balances. And a lot of other useful information.

The main service for Free TON developed by Ton Labs. Has full information about the network.

Key features:

  • Search
  • Information about transactions and messages
  • Information about accounts
  •  TON Crystal circulation supply
  • Validators list
  • Staking info
  • Smart contracts info

Ton Explorer

Explorer by the Broxus team. Has a classic design like etherscan.

Fewer functions, unlike TON Live, but the website works smoother.