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Crypto Waifus TON - the first NFT token in Free TON

What is Crypto Waifus TON? How to work with it and its benefits?


Posted by ZOXIONE on 15 Jun 2021

Today we will get to know another interesting project - CryptoWaifus TON. It is the first NFT token based on the Free TON blockchain platform. It was launched on 19 March 2021 at 9am MSC.

WaifusTON combines two functions - NFT collectable and marketplace. There are 1024 unique anime characters, each one generated by a neural network! While they haven't all been handed out yet, any user can get themselves a random Waifu for a small fee.

How do I start?

  1. On, click on "Create new account";
  2. Click on the "TOPUP" button and in the window that opens copy your address to which you can transfer funds from any Free TON wallet;
  3. Click on "Get new waifu" and get your first NFT token.

Once you have registered and gone through the above steps, all the site's functions will open to you:

  • Limited opportunity to "mint" a new NTF token;
  • Lots to buy tokens from other users;
  • Convenient and easy sharing between users in two clicks;
  • Easy sale of NFT token to users who bid on that token.

Project critique

The waifus token was created before the TIP-31 standard was approved, and some users are concerned about this fact. Because it is the first NFT in Free TON, the project had technical difficulties, which the team is successfully coping with.

Waifuston 2.0: The future of the project

Despite the lull after the high-profile launch, the project is constantly developing. The authors have announced a "soft relaunch" in their telegram channel. The token will become universal and compatible with the TIP-31 standard, which was used by Marketplace Contest participants. This means that it will be possible to transfer your "waifu" to external wallets and marketplaces.

The developers promise to distribute updated tokens free of charge to all current owners. Also, some new secret features will be added to the project.

Crypto Waifus TON is developing, so if you like collecting different things, you should definitely pay attention to this project and try yourself in it.