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CryptoNumiz Contest Review - the first digital coins on the Free TON


Posted by Dissector on 14 Jun 2021

Not so long ago, a private sub-gov CryptoNumiz held a contest dedicated to the anniversary of the Free TON blockchain. The main goal of the contest was to select memorable works that will be turned into NFT tokens in the future and sold at auction. Let's look at the list of the five best works:

1 place.

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I can't provide the image, as the author removed it from his site after the jury downloaded it for evaluation. I will only say that it has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the MAIN topic of the contest. For the second and third place, there are no questions about the relevance of the contest topic, but here... I found Flipo's work quite interesting, it has an oriental style, and the colors are well combined with each other. But again - it has nothing to do with the anniversary of Free TON. The contest had certain rules. A specific goal. The guys from the forum drew attention to this, pointing out the inconsistency of the topic. Answer... Was he? The passive attitude of "you don't understand high art" looks ridiculous. The reviews from the judges are even funnier. They've managed to see something that isn't there. As part of the art exhibition, there would be no questions, BUT WE HAVE A CONTEST DEDICATED TO THE ANNIVERSARY OF FREE TON. In this case, is it worth evaluating "art" at all? There is also a famous artist who paints with his 5th point, and his works are bought for millions and considered masterpieces...

2 place.

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A decent position and an equally decent job. Nothing to add.

3 place.

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The strangest and most ambiguous work of all. The main goal is fulfilled, the approach to creation is quite creative, but does the work deserve its third place? Unlikely. As a maximum - the TOP 10, but not the top three.

4 place.

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Excellent work, which was deprived of the first place.

5 place.

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I feel like I went to a museum of modern art. Absolutely tasteless. Chaotic color transitions and sharp, vyrviglaznye lines that even the shape is not really form. The feeling that the author just took one of his works, photoshopped the repainted crystals and uploaded work into the contest. Against the background of other works, in which the theme of the anniversary of Free TON is revealed much better, it's just bland. Can you imagine that this work was rated lower?

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Special attention should be paid to the dispute on the forum, the cause of which was the unfair judging of one of the juries. This character gave a low rating and wrote: "does not meet the requirements of the contest, since it is not a coin", "it is not a coin", "make a coin". At the same time, according to the contest rules, there were no restrictions, except for the theme of the Free TON anniversary. The rules clearly stated that the shape of the drawing did not have to be a coin. Yes, then such assessments stopped appearing, but those works that had ALREADY been lowered for such a ridiculous reason remained undervalued.

The funniest thing is that most of the participants were downgraded for the fact that "the rules of the contest are not taken into account in the work", although this is a blatant lie, but for some... Khem-khem, first place, khem-khem... There were no such questions. When it is convenient, the rules work, when it is not-they simply forget about their existence. Ay-ay, how bad it turns out! I do not find it appropriate to blame all the members of the CryptoNumiz subgov for everything at once. They have undoubtedly done a tremendous joию They develop the NFT theme and I respect them very much for this.

But such cases cast a shadow over the entire subgov. An attempt to "shield" non-professionals who think of themselves as true connoisseurs of art, will definitely not add pluses to karma. In general, this is just the tip of the iceberg. If you want to understand this topic yourself, go to the forum in the right thread.