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AIBC in Dubai and Free TON


Posted by Dissector on 22 May 2021

In April 2021, it became known that representatives of Free TON will take part in the international AIBC summit, which will be held at the end of May in the capital of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai. The summit will focus on topics such as the spread of digital currency, the main trends of 2021, such as the NFT token, as well as the future of digital banking.

The event will be attended by key figures: CEO of Dubai Blockchain Centre Marwan Alzaruni, Founder of the Dubai Blockchain Center. Roger Ver, TRON blockchain founder Justin Sun, and SRAX board member Brooke Pierce. Members of the ruling royal family are invited as special guests. The well-known publication BLOCK magazine will be responsible for the media coverage of the event.

It is worth noting that a large role in the fact that the Free TON project will be presented at the summit was played by close cooperation with the major international agency SIGMA, which covers blockchain events around the world. We should expect that Free TON will participate in other international blockchain conferences in the future.