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What is known about TON.tips?


Posted by Team Tips on 29 Apr 2021

TON.tips is made by the team who made waifuston.com. During the development of the Waifuston, we had to study a lot of material and deeply get acquainted with Free TON. So we want to share our knowledge and allow everyone to express their experience.

Not only news

Our mission is to make information more accessible. Our goal is to develop the community and attract more people to Free TON.

Our editorial staff is engaged in the preparation of educational articles to help new developers get used to Free TON and create new cool projects with us.

Openness and freedom

Anyone can start writing on ton.tips. Share your thoughts with the community, submit your project, discuss, come up with.

Technology first

Ton.tips is primarily about technology. We have written our own engine for the site and are interested in the development of TON as a technology.


We still have a lot of ideas on how to make ton.tips better.

  • Comments
  • Rewards system for authors
  • Developer guides series: How to create DeBotand TIP-3 token
  • Start of a YouTube channel, create educational videos
  • Upgraded editor, custom CDN  
  • Full integration of the site with the blockchain
  • Saving articles to the blockchain